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Our Vision

TeleData Pros is a highly regarded provider in the Technology and Telecommunications Services industry. Our company has built a solid reputation with its customers as a successful and high integrity company to do business with. TeleData Pros is focused on empowering all their customers small, medium and large in making informed choices about services, technology, and cost savings. TeleData Pros delivers the best carrier solutions to their customers through a network of telecom sales and professional consulting.

What We Do

We're a distributor of voice, data, and cloud services whose sole focus is creating the best possible solutions as well as the best possible price for our customers. We help our customers with marketing strategies. We offer business development, coaching, analysis to help them grow their business. We measure our success and hold ourselves and one another accountable. Most of us used to work for many of the telecom carriers we represent, which helps our customers make informed decisions on the best possible solutions for their business.

Our Mission Statement

TeleData Pros is a leader in selling business data telecommunications services through their carrier partnerships. We strive to deliver exclusive advantages with lower costs than our customers are currently paying giving them freedom and independence. Hard Work, Integrity and Honesty. Development & Training - We place no limitations on what we can learn and provide our customers by keeping up with the newest technology when it becomes available. Driven to go above and beyond. Overcoming challenges, maximizing relationships, and setting higher standards than other agents

Hard Work and Driven, We go above and beyond

We help our customers with marketing strategies

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